The latest WordPress release 5.8 – Tatum

WordPress latest release, 5.8 “Tatum” is now available for download.

It’s named after legendary American Jazz pianist Art Tatum who was one of the greatest in his field. Does this mean that we now have the greatest WordPress release to date? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

These are the big changes in this release:

  • A new block-based widgets system.
    This new feature didn’t work too well on one of the bilingual sites I maintain. Until I find a fix, I installed the Classic Widgets plugin which disables this new block-based widgets system.
  • New block and patterns to display posts.
    This feature will make it easier to create p. ex. a portfolio or other list of posts based on specified parameters. The tool also offers pattern suggestions to help you with the design.
  • Capability to edit templates via the block editor.
    You can easily move back and forth between editing a post and a page via a block editor. You will find more than 20 new blocks within compatible themes.
  • A better overview of the page structure
    You can get a quick overview of all the elements on a page via the List View.
  • Pattern suggestion tool
    Depending on the block you use, the Pattern Transformations tool will suggest block patterns (available at this time in the Query & Social Icon block). More patterns are expected to be added in the future.
  • Duotone filters
    You can pick your colours (shadow & highlight) to colorize image and cover blocks.
  • New features for developers
    • Global styles and global settings APIs using a theme.json file
    • support for IE11 has now been dropped
    • WebP support added
    • new blocks supporting flags
    • new customizing options for registered blocks.

      (check out WP 5.8 Field Guide for more info)

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