2022 Ultimate list of design trends

Curious in finding out what 2022 has in store for the design world? Take a look at this ultimate list of design trends articles covering graphic design, UX, UI, web design, email, marketing and interior design.

Graphic Design

UX / UI / Web Design Trends

brand activism, minimalism, quirky branding, bauhaus, gradients, nostalgia, immersive brand experience, bold and playful type

Social Media

Email Design

newsletters, mobile optimisation, hyper-personalisation, social integration, testimonials/reviews, animation, brand storytellingj, plain text emails, accessibility, authenticity

Marketing Trends

D2C (Direct to consumer), voice search, live videos, going omni-channel
video ads, vertical short-form content, people over brands, authentic long-form content, users as marketing, community-led projects , podcasting

Interior Design