5 After Effects YouTube channels / playlists worth subscribing to

1. Make It Now with After Effects

Part of Adobe’s Make it now video series–each video is roughly 60 seconds–these short and fun tutorials are enjoyable to watch and put into practice.

Make sure to take a look at all the Make it Now playlists for various Adobe’s products, it’s worth the detour! I just love these! Short and sweet…😍

2. SonduckFilm

Straight-to-the-point weekly tutorials about graphic design, motion graphics, filmmaking and photography. No long intro to sit through, and an added bonus, they provide the project files for much of their videos. They are doing an awesome job, no wonder they have 700k subscribers!

Below are two After Effects playlists with hours of content to improve your skills🙃.

After Effects Tutorials | Beginner Topics to Advanced

Top Techniques in After Effects / Tutorials

👉 Take a look at SonDuckFilm other playlists covering DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, and more.

3. After Effects Tutorials with Mikey

Mikey’s channel, with 204K subscribers, offers multiple After Effects playlists. So much content! You will find great tutorials and useful content for your next video projects! 👈

30-Minute After Effects Tutorials

After Effects Fundamentals Course

4. Kriscoart

With over 435K subscribers to their YouTube channel, Kriscoart Productions share their great passion for film-making and animation with a wide variety of playlists, including the following ones specific to After Effects:

The basics: Learn After Effects in 10 videos!

After Effects VFX Tutorials

5. Sonja MGFX

A motion designer, video editor and animation teacher. Sonja offers an interesting playlist of motion design tutorials. Below are two of her playlists.

Motion Design Tutorials

Motion Graphics Online Classes

I’m convinced that you will find plenty of useful content from these 5 YouTube channels for your future After Effects/video editing projects! Have fun and keep on learning!