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June 2022


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Did you know? The National Indigenous History Month is a time for learning about, appreciating and acknowledging the contributions First Nations, Inuit and Métis people have made in shaping Canada.

Did you know? Canada has a LGBTQ2 Secretariat. The Government of Canada uses LGBTQ2 (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two-Spirit) as the acronym for the official title of the Special Advisor and Canadian Heritage Secretariat.

  • Italian Heritage Month #ItalianHeritageMonth
  • Portuguese Heritage Month #PortugueseHeritageMonth
  • Filipino Heritage Month #FilipinoHeritageMonth
  • Parks and Recreation Month

June 1

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June 2

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  • 1983 / Canadian folk musician and singer Stan Rogers, known for songs like “Barrett’s Privateers” and “Northwest Passage,” died in a fire aboard Air Canada Flight 797 at the of 33.

June 3

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  • 2019 / The final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) is released. The report gives 231 calls for justice to governments, police forces and institutions.
  • 1973 / The Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick (SANB) is founded. The SANB’s mandate is to defend and promote the rights and interests of Francophones and Acadians in New Brunswick.

June 4

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  • 1979 / Flora MacDonald becomes the first woman to be appointed Secretary of State for External Affairs.
  • 1940 / Dunkirk evacuation ended – Following a massive rescue effort, the withdrawal of Allied troops trapped at Dunkirk, France, was completed on this day during WW II, with more than 300,000 soldiers saved.

Did you know? The task of pier-master was given to Canadian James Campbell Clouston. For some reason, the Montreal-born officer behind the evacuation received no recognition in the 2017 film Dunkirk.

June 5

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  • 1935 / The “On to Ottawa Trek” starts. An estimated 1,500 out-of-work labourers from federal relief camps in remote parts of British Columbia peacefully commandeer a train and leave for Ottawa.

June 6

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June 7

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  • 1939 / Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany aboard the MS St. Louis are turned away by the Canadian government and are eventually forced to return to Europe.
  • 1900 / Dr. Irma LeVasseur, the first French-Canadian woman allowed to practice medicine in Quebec, graduated from the School of Medicine at St. Paul University in Minnesota.

June 8

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  • 1944 / The Ardenne Abbey massacre
  • 1866 / The Legislature of the Province of Canada met for the first time in the original Parliament Building in Ottawa

June 9

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June 10

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June 11

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June 12

  • National Public Service Week (June 12-18)
    (the third week of June)
  • National Blood Donor Week (June 12-18)
    (week in which June 14 occurs)
  • World Day Against Child Labour (UN)

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  • 1912 / Grand opening of the Château Laurier Hotel in downtown Ottawa. The hotel was built by the late Charles Melville Hays, who drowned aboard the Titanic only weeks earlier while travelling home for the event.

June 13

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  • 1898 / The Yukon Territory Act creates Yukon as a separate Canadian territory and Dawson City is its capital.

June 14

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  • 1919 / British aviators John Alcock and Arthur Brown begin their world’s first non-stop transatlantic flight from a field in St. John’s, Newfoundland.
  • 1872 / The Trade Unions Act is passed by Parliament, legalizing unions.

June 15

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  • 2017 / The Senate of Canada passed Bill C-16 to protect against discrimination based on gender identity and expression.
  • 1846 / Oregon Treaty signed – It formalized the border between the United States and British North America west of the Rocky Mountains.

June 16

June 17

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  • 1753 / Germans Settle Lunenburg – Almost 1500 German settlers arrived at Lunenburg, NS. They built a palisade for defence on the present site of the academy, drew lots, and planted some crops.

June 18

June 19

  • Father’s Day

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June 20

June 21

Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival, June 21-26, 2022

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June 22

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  • 2006 / Chinese Head Tax Apology – Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered an apology to the Chinese community for the implementation of the head tax, which had been originally introduced in 1885.

June 23

June 24

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  • 1880 / The first performance of “O Canada took place in Quebec city at the Congrès national des Canadiens-Français.

June 25

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  • 1993 / Canadian politician Kim Campbell was sworn in as the country’s prime minister, becoming the first woman to hold the post.
  • 1968 / Progressive Conservative Lincoln Alexander is elected as the Member of Parliament for Hamilton West. He becomes the first Black Canadian in the House of Commons.

June 26

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  • 1976 / Opening of CN Tower – It was the tallest tower in the world at the time.
  • 1959 / Queen Elizabeth II and U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower dedicated the new St. Lawrence Seaway in Montreal.
  • 1945 / Canada signs the United Nations (UN) Charter in San Francisco, California, as a founding member of the organization.

June 27

  • PTSD Awareness Day

Did you know? Canadian Multiculturalism Day was celebrated for the first time in 2003. It is “an opportunity to celebrate our diversity and our commitment to democracy, equality and mutual respect and to appreciate the contributions of the various multicultural groups and communities to Canadian society.”

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  • 1860 / Queen’s Plate First Held – North America’s oldest continuously run horse race, the Queen’s Plate, was first held at Toronto’s Carleton Track.

June 28

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  • 1981 / Terry Fox died at the age of 22

Did you know? Prior to Terry Fox‘s death, the government had made him the youngest ever Companion of the Order of Canada, and he was twice named Canadian of the Year. Terry Fox Runs, which are organized by the Terry Fox Foundation, are held annually in cities throughout Canada and other countries.

  • 1919 / Canada is among the many nations to sign the Treaty of Versailles, a peace treaty that officially ends the state of war with Germany.

June 29

  • International Day of the Tropics (UN)

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  • 2021 / Highest-ever temperature of 49.6°C recorded in Lytton, British Columbia. The following day the town is destroyed by a wildfire.
  • 2016 / Ontario is changing the way it displays sex and gender information on health cards and driver’s licenses (non-gendered identification)
  • 1981 / The new Canadian Museum of Civilization opens in Hull, Quebec. In 2013, the museum was renamed the Canadian Museum of History.
  • 1944 / Inuk leader Charlie Watt is born at Fort Chimo (now Kuujjuaq), Nunavik. He was a negotiator for the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. He is also the founder of the Northern Quebec Inuit Association.
  • 1974 / Russian ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov defects in Toronto.
  • 1920 / Edith MacTavish Rogers becomes the first woman elected to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.
  • 1806 / Isobel Gunn, disguised as a man to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company, sails aboard the Prince of wales from Scotland to Rupert’s land (becoming the first European woman to travel there).

June 30

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  • 1859 / French tightrope walker, Jean-François Gravelet, known as Blondin, became the first person to cross the Niagara Gorge on a rope that was 335 metres (1,100 feet) long and 49 metres (160 feet) above the water. About 25,000 thrill-seekers dispersed on the American or Canadian side of Niagara Falls came to watch his daredevil act.