Georges Huel (graphic designer)

Quick Facts

Georges Huel
Born: 1930 (Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan)
Died: December 11, 2002 (Montreal, Canada)
Citizenship: Canadian
Education: Collège Sainte-Croix and Institut des arts graphiques de Montréal.
Awards: He received multiple honors for his 1976 Olympics design and participated in many international expositions.

Known for

Known for his work at Expo 67, the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics and the city of Montreal’s identity. Graphic Designer Pierres-Yves Pelletier assisted Georges Huel on the creation of the 1976 Olympics Games logo and other graphic material related to this event.

Georges Huel also designed visual identities and visual identification programs for the Canadian hockey club, Notre-Dame Hospital, JB Rolland company and Société Radio-Canada; as well as developed and patented signboards and a sign mounting system.

It’s good for graphic designers to know so much about printing… it helps you to know if it is possible for your design to be reproduced.

George Huel (Design magazine, Issue 313, January 1975)

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