Hugh Syme (Juno award-winning graphic artist)

Quick Facts

Born: 1953
Education: Toronto New School of Art in Toronto and York University in York, England
Citizenship: Canadian
Awards/Memberships: Juno Awards: 4 wins & 19 nominations

Known for

An amazing and versatile graphic artist, Hugh Syme is best known for his artwork & cover designs for rock and metal bands. He has created all Rush’s album covers since 1975 and played as a keyboardist on occasion with them.

He has worked for EMI Records, Sony Music, Capital Records, Warner Bros, etc.; and has done artwork for other bands as well, including Aerosmith, Saga, Styx, Megadeth, Altered State, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Jimmy Page, Meatloaf and Iron Maiden to name a few.

Besides album covers, Hugh Syme has also worked in advertising for big-name companies, on video and packaging design projects, corporate branding, and book illustration.

Having a good title, allowing me to seriously or glibly or whimsically respond to that title has always been my favourite part of what I do.

Hugh Syme (from podcast interview with Steve Waxman)

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Abstract art