2024 Ultimate list of design trends

In this evergreen list of design trends articles for 2024, we hope to provide you with some insights and inspiration in various fields. This year the list will be shorter but updated monthly with new insights and inspiration, so make sure to come back again.

Remember: Trends are not rules that designers must follow blindly, but simply suggestions and inspirations that can help designers create more appealing and effective designs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

generative AI, multimodal AI models, AI democratization, enhanced personalization, ethical AI, augmented working, low-code/now-code tools, AI jobs, quantum AI

Graphic Design

minimalism, geometric shapes, patterns, pixels, 3D Design, hand-drawn, cute cartoon elements, muted colors, realism, retro, eco-friendly, motion graphics, animation, cyberpunk aesthetics, risograph, AI design, anti-design, brutalism, holographic

simple shape, tall logos, natural patterns, art deco, symbolism, minimalism, no serif logos, doodles/sketches, candy colors, bold typography, animations, fluid lines, responsive logos


first-party dada, AI, macroeconomic trends, programmatic advertising, voice assistant, sustainability, consumer values, strong privacy

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Dr Dave Chaffey’s take on the most important trends in Digital Marketing for businesses to consider.
Dr Dave Chaffey’s take on the most important trends in Digital Marketing for businesses to consider.


AI, retro, minimalism, immersive experience, mixed media, 3D, enhanced realism, interactive, VR


pretty, personal purposeful, QR Codes, smart labels, AR, convenience, minimalisation, sustainable, digital printing, bold patterns, innovative shapes, designs

Social Media

AI, AR, longer video content, product placement, gated content, entertaining content, authentic/raw content, photo dumps (Instagram/TikTok), TikTok Reels, YouTube Shorts, social search

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UX / UI / Web

3D, nostalgia, oversized typography, accessibility, page speed & performance, AI, AR, VR, Metaverse, personalization, ethical/eco-friendly design, voice interfaces & voice search, brutalism, immersive scrolling, progressive PWAs


enhanced realism, AI, interactive, VR integration, live video, immersive video, simplified production, user-generated content