What is glassmorphism?

If you haven’t noticed, there is a new trend in user interface design (UI) that is gaining in popularity : glassmorphism.

What defines glassmorphism?

  • As its name implies, it recreates the look of frosted-glass by using transparency and background blur;
  • a multi-layered approach with objects floating in space;
  • colorful and vibrant colours are used in the background to accentuate the blurriness and transparency; and
  • a subtle border applied on translucent objects for accentuating the glass effect.

Who came up with this trend?

The trend was started (unintentionally) by Michal Malewicz more than a year ago.

That verticality and the fact you can see through it, means users can establish hierarchy and depth of the interface. They simply see which layer is on top of which, just like pieces of virtual glass.

Michal Malewicz

Resources about glassmorphism and to get started